How long do the asphalt plants stay open?

Asphalt & PavingAn asphalt plant is a plant used for the manufacture of asphalt, macadam and other forms of coated roadstone, sometimes collectively known as blacktop.

They usually open around April 1 – 15 and close either the week before or week of Christmas.

Types of asphalt plants

A batch asphalt heater plant runs material from various cold feed hoppers into a heater drum, where the batch is then heated up to temperature. The hot aggregate is screened into numerous hot bins (depending on the various aggregate sizes).

Batch heater plant is used where short production runs are common (a different recipe can be used on each mix) or where total volume is low.

In the continuous asphalt plant, raw aggregate is brought up from ground hoppers at a precisely controlled rate and fed into a heater drum similar to that used in the asphalt plant. Once heated it is immediately coated in the same drum (with the binder spraybars situated behind the burner) or in a smaller drum situated immediately behind it.  Finished product is

Finished roadstone must be kept heated to avoid setting. It is commonly stored in large electrically heated insulated stainless steel silos, from which it is weighed into delivery vehicles. Control of loadout by this method involves accurately predicting the material “in flight” between the discharge door and the vehicle.

Precise control is a necessity. Asphalt mixing and loadout plant typically use a combination of industrialised computer control and programmable logic controllers to achieve this.
With asphalt being a real-time product, timing is important when it comes to delivering product amounts to job sites, etc.

You can learn much more about asphalt and asphalt plants at Wikipedia