What kind of rock is best to avoid “washing out”

Many problems can occur with poor, inadequate or no drainage at all.

Avoid Driveway WashoutFor usage at a culvert or around pipe entry/exit area, normally we would use “rip rap” (rock that is 3″-6″ in diameter). This depends on the “fall” or how steep the drainage is. #2 rock would usually be the smallest used to prevent the hillside from collapsing and protect the driveway from erosion.

The driveway should then be repaired and resurfaced if necessary to avoid future erosion problems.

As always proper maintenance of your pavement is highly recommended to avoid costly repairs down the line.

A very common and serious problem is driveway washout. This can occur on all driveways with various slopes, soils, and site conditions.
Gravel by Peter Griffin