Sealcoat / Crackfill / Striping

To learn more about sealcoating an asphalt parking lot or driveway and crackfilling a driveway or parking lot visit our Sealcoat and Crackfill page.

Striping pavement – the first and last thing noticed

Striping parking lot

Striping parking lot

Parking lots are the first and last thing noticed by visitors to your place of business or residence.

First impressions are very important. 

A well marked parking space is also very important.

Common pavement maintenance is to have your parking spaces asphalt re-striped to restore that fresh new look.

Parking spaces are an attractive part of the property that is safe
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Cedar Creek Baptist Church Kentucky Louisville, Kentucky

Commercial seal coating and striping of approximately 121,000 square feet . Mike Garrett was on this project.

84 Lumber Louisville, Kentucky

84 lumber has been a good customer of ours and we’ve done paving , sealcoating and striping on lots in central ky. This job involved using our milling machine to a depth of 5″ and hauled off the spoils. We installed 3.5″ of Grade-1 Bituminous Asphalt Base Mix and installed 1.5″ of Grade-1 Bituminous Asphalt Surface Mix. This was not a very big job in that it was a repair to approximately 7,000 sq feet. We were in and out in one day. Brett Muncie was foreman on this job.

84 Lumber Louisville Ky

84 Lumber Louisville Ky

Eric S Arms Estimator / Project Manager