Excavation / Grading / Drainage

C & R Asphalt can perform the lightest of excavation projects to the heaviest. We have the equipment availability and range to grade 10 Cubic yards or to haul in 4000 Cubic yards and grade it to perfection. We have the capability to stake and survey the area to be excavated, to ensure that the proper grade is achieved.

Commerce Center - Nicholasville Road

Commerce Center – Nicholasville Road

In the past few years C & R Asphalt has completed approximately $6,000,000 in excavation projects, ranging from Restaurants, Banks, Mini Storage Complexes to a $10,000,000 Fayette Mall Expansion in Lexington, KY .

If you would ask some of our clients what makes C & R Asphalt THE company to execute and complete one’s excavation project, they would tell you that it is our attention to detail and being able to give them the turn-key job.

Gordon Food Service Lexington, Kentucky – Drain Repair

Eric S Arms Estimator / Project Manager