Pavement Striping & Marking

Church Parking Lot StripingRestriping a parking lot is a fairly inexpensive way to brighten up a shopping center or church parking lot.

There are quite a few things that can be done such as realigning the ends of the lines (so they all look the same length as you drive down each row).

Poor quality or mismatching stencils will be blacked out and a crisp new stencil put in its place.

Many stripers will spray over an existing stencil even though it doesn’t match. While it might be legible, it certainly looks like a mess.

Striping Specifications

Striping can be done approximately 2 hours after the sealer is dry to the touch. Marking White, Yellow, and /or handicap Blue will be the color of paint used unless otherwise specified in the proposal.

Shopping Center Pavement StripingAll lines will be sprayed with a Graco Airless Line Lazer 3500. This striper applies paint at the approximate rate of 300 lineal feet per gallon as opposed to an air striper, which applies paint at the rate of about 650 lineal feet per gallon.

Paint drying time will vary from 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on weather.

If our competitors do not offer you the specs on their striper, ask them, for your own protection.  In our opinion, there is no comparison to an airless striper when it comes to wear or appearance.

All lines will be approximately 4 inches wide. They will be straight and uniform. All stencils will be clear and well defined.