Recycled Asphalt Millings

Fixed Base Crusher 2When roads are re-paved or patches are filled, asphalt is removed before new material is laid. The asphalt remnants are transported to be crushed. Once the crushing cycle is complete, the asphalt is screened to remove any large pieces and is processed to meet asphalt milling standards.

When road renovation projects begin, old asphalt is removed and sent to our recycling facility.

Asphalt millings are used to create new asphalt for paving. Our millings work well for paving driveways – especially when paved in hotter temperature months of the year.

C & R Asphalt operates 2 recycling crushers:

Fixed Base Crusher 1A Fixed base Eagle crusher that is located at our complex off Old Frankfort Pike in Lexington. This locations is used for on site deposal of varied customer concrete and aggregate spoils.

We offer recycled asphalt millings and varied recycled aggregate for sale at this site.