Driveway Paving

Driveway PavementYour driveway is the first thing guests see as an important part of your landscape in complementing your home and it’s surroundings.

C & R Asphalt, LLC has been installing new and overlaying existing driveways for 10 years.

Our Driveways are constructed for durability, minimum maintenance and aesthetics.

But no two driveways area exactly alike. We identify your specific needs and our experienced estimators will provide you with a driveway that meets your individual needs and complements your property.

Driveway Paving TruckThe basis of a driveway starts from – the ground up, because what goes underneath is just as important as what goes on top. In new design, C & R Asphalt, LLC, ensures proper design and placement of aggregate under your asphalt, giving your driveway the best possible quality construction.

Driveway Paving CrewOn existing paved driveways, areas either side of the sidewalk and outside of the garage may have to be taken out to make a flush fit with the existing concrete.

Also, any damaged areas may have to be saw cut and taken out.

If the driveway has low areas, a leveling course may be needed before the surface course is installed. If the driveway is extremely damaged due to cracking or sub-base failure, the entire existing surface may have to be removed.