Driveway Sealcoat

Driveway Sealcoating MaintenanceAsphalt Driveways need periodic maintenance of sealcoating to protect their structural integrity.

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The benefits of sealcoating your driveway

  • Beautification – Fresh sealcoat brings a dark black color to the pavement, making it look and wear like new. This enhances the outside appearance of your home for visitors and gives first impressions for potential buyers if you are trying to sell your house.
  • Slows oxidation and water penetration – Exposure to oxygen hardens asphalt binders and results in a brittle pavement surface that soon cracks. These cracks permit water to penetrate into the sub-base, weakening it and reducing pavement strength. This in turn leads to more cracks, which can eventually expand and become potholes. Sealcoating fills surface voids, reducing exposure to oxygen and water and prolonging pavement life.
  • Resists gas and oil spills – Gasoline or oil leaking from a engine can soften asphalt. Because coal tars aren’t soluble in gas or oil, coal tar sealers prevent this damage.
  • Resists ultraviolet rays – Ultraviolet rays from the sun break the links between carbon bonds within asphalt. Sealcoat does not repair4 any damage that has already occurred to the asphalt, but it does prevent ultraviolet rays from further damaged the asphalt pavement.
  • Easier to clean and maintain – Sealcoat fills surface voids while coating the pavement surface. The resulting smooth and even texture makes surfaces easier to maintain year-round – snow is easier to remove from a smooth surface, and sweeping is more effective on a smooth surface.
  • Increased pavement flexibility – Sealcoat keeps a driveway black. The blacker it is, the more heat it draws from the sun; the more heat it draws, the more pliable it is, the more able it is to withstand traffic.
  • Cost-effective in the long run – The price of asphalt will always be affected by crude oil prices, which fluctuate when supplies vary. It’s less expensive to sealcoat a driveway every couple of years using a coal tar emulsion sealer than to overlay or replace your driveway.