Slips and falls are a property owners or managers nightmare.

Reduce your risk by using C & R’s quality snow and ice removal team. While we can’t eliminate poor weather conditions and slick pavement, we can increase traction and reduce falls.

Our snow and ice removal team includes: 7 dispatched plow trucks, 2 Bob Cats, a grader, a back hoe, and 3 salt (or chemical deicer) trucks with V hoppers and spreaders.

C&R Asphalt

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415 Redmann Lane, Lexington, KY


We have employees who have been dedicated to the success of our company for more than a decade.

We are proud to work alongside our members, office personnel, field personnel, mechanics, and truck drivers.

Our passion is asphalt, whether paving a residential driveway or commercial parking lot,we are Kentucky’s Asphalt Animals.