Steve Coleman

President & CEO - 24 Years
Steve is the C of the C & R. Steve is the President & CEO of the C & R Asphalt Limited Liability Company. Steve owns the Commercial Sealcoating Division of the Company along with 50% of the Paving Division and 50% of our sister company, C & R Asphalt Driveway Division, LLC. Steve is a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Pikeville College, Pikeville, KY. Steve oversees overall operations of all Divisions. He oversees Scheduling, Human Relations, Job Costing, Accounting, Payroll and remains moderately active in Sales & Marketing, Estimating and Production.

Rick Roy

Operations Manager - 24 Years
Rick makes up the 2nd. Half of C & R, representing the R in the Limited Liability Company and the other 50% of the Paving Division. An Electrician originally by trade, receiving most of his training in the U.S. Air Force, Rick is the President of Operations. He takes care of Scheduling, Shop Supervision, Equipment Maintenance, Records and Employee relations in the field.

Mike Garrett

Sealcoating Manager - 16 Years
12 years w/ C & R Asphalt Mike is a member and 50% owner in the C & R Asphalt Driveway Sealcoating Division, LLC. Mike is Sealcoating Foreman and handles all production for the Commercial Sealcoating Division.

Josh Coleman

Estimator & Project Coordinator - 17 Years
Josh is an Estimator and Project Coordinator. Josh has a degree in Biology from the University of Kentucky. Josh does all Take-Offs and Bids on New Construction Projects from prints. He also does field Sales and Project Coordinating.

Larry Crosthwaite

Sales Analysis, Marketing, & Computer Systems - 15 Years
Larry has more than 31 years of diversified and progressive management and retail expertise in sales and marketing, and profitability of operations. He has a degree in Business Administration from Morehead State University. Larry also was in the U.S. Air Force. Larry takes care of Sales Analysis, Marketing, and Computer systems. He also does Estimating on Driveways, Farm Lanes and Commercial Paving / Sealcoating.

Eric S. Arms

Estimator & Project Manager - 5 Years
A valuable member of the asphalt and paving team; C & R Asphalt. Eric is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and has 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing. His geographic areas of concentration are: Louisville, Frankfort, Winchester, Richmond and Berea.

Jennifer Long

Human Resources - 6 Years
Jennifer brings a variety of experience to C & R Asphalt. She previously worked at the University of Kentucky in several different positions. At C & R, she is responsible for employee orientation, training, benefits, employee records and EPA record keeping.

Lindsey Flora

Comptroller - 2 Years
Lindsey brings over 30 years of accounting and project management experience to C & R. Lindsey is a University of Kentucky graduate. He oversees all fiscal activities C & R Companies.

Kyle Rogers

Accounts Payable - 2 Years
Kyle Rogers is a recent addition to the C&R Asphalt accounting office. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Economics and has an MBA that he displays proudly in his office.

Gary Taylor

Paving Superintendent - 21 Years
Gary started with the company as a laborer and worked into a Rock Foreman and eventually a Paving Superintendent. Gary has been a true and faithful asset to C & R Asphalt, LLC. His geographic areas of concentration are: Louisville, Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Frankfort, Winchester, Richmond and Berea.

Brett Muncie

Paving Foreman - 20 Years
Brett is C & R Asphalt, LLC’s longest term employee. Brett has served in nearly every position imaginable at C & R. He is a true asset. His geographic areas of concentration are: Louisville, Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Frankfort, Winchester, Richmond and Berea.

Brian Cundiff

Paving Crew Foreman - 16 Years
Brian is one of our long-term asphalt and paving team foremen. He is a valued member of the asphalt and paving team of C & R Asphalt. His leadership and experience have paved the way in these regions: Louisville, Simpsonville, Shelbyville, Frankfort, Winchester, Richmond and Berea.

Mark Renfro

Estimator & Project Manager - 4 Years
Mark Renfro is the latest addition to the C & R Asphalt sales team. Mark brings 25 years of management experience in both public and private settings to C & R Asphalt. Mark is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. Mark will be specializing on federal, state and local government projects using existing contracts and creating new partnerships. He will also work with commercial, farms and residential projects, including take-off from new construction plans.

Frankie Snell

Heavy Equipment Operator - 13 Years
Frankie joined the C & R Asphalt Team in 2005. He has 17 1/2 yrs experience in construction. He worked his way up from Laborer to Foreman of Recycling Yard. His equipment expertise includes Wheel Loader, Grader, Bulldozer, Eagle Traxx Crusher, Eagle 1200 Crusher, Skid Loader, Bobcat, Paver, Roller, etc.. Frankie is now our crusher foreman managing our recycling center operations in Central Kentucky.

Rex Conway

Concrete & Grade Foreman - 17 Years
Rex is Excavation foreman and oversees most of our site work, including drainage and underground water detention.  He is trained on all equipment usage, including our Wirtgen milling machine and is a valued team member.

Todd Cundiff

Grade & Rock Foreman - 14 Years
Todd is a Grade and Rock Foreman.  He is very versatile in his equipment running abilities and is a valued team member.

Gary Dean

Concrete Expert
Gary brings a wealth of knowledge of the concrete world. He has over 25 year experience in varying aspects of concrete.

Josh Arnold

Mechanic - 14 Years