Sealcoating – as part of a comprehensive pavement maintenance program – is one of the most important elements in extending pavement life. Sealcoating protects the asphalt from water penetration, oil, salt and the sun’s ultraviolet rays and provides a longer life of the asphalt pavement.

Whether you own a driveway or a parking lot, the original pavement investment is significant. So anything C&R Asphalt can do to slow the rate of deterioration improves the life cycle of the pavement and helps prevent future costs for repairs and replacements.

“Sealcoating is essential in pavement preservation and extending the life of your asphalt pavement,” says Greg Houser, Vice President of Research and Development for Neyra Industries. “There are many benefits of sealcoating asphalt, including improving visual aesthetics, resisting oxidation from the sun, replacing eroded surfaces, extending the life and optimizing the overall value of the asphalt pavement.”

Sealcoating helps by filling the hairline cracks that eventually can become entryways for water. Because sealer contains fillers and usually sand, it also replaces some of the fines lost through oxidation and erosion and fills hairline cracks.

If left unprotected, the asphalt binder, or glue that hold the stone and sand in place, loses strength and the mat becomes brittle, allowing stone and sand to roll out. The parking lot is the welcome mat to your property – to your store or your mall. So both the condition and cosmetics of your parking lot either present an inviting place to shop or an unviting place and that’s going to affect your store traffic. If it’s nice and black with bright stripes – that tells the public that you run a nice operation and you take care of the place they’re going to visit, so you’ll probably take good care of them.

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) confirms that the subjective idea of “curb appeal”, or how a property looks to the public, is in fact a very real phenomenon. On a scale of 10, appearance ranks 8, and the parking lot is a big part of that perception. So one of the simplest things to improve a property and raise its “curb appeal” is to sealcoat the parking lot.

“One of the most important ways to attract and retain tenants in office building or property management settings is to maintain the property’s exterior and curb appeal,” Houser says. “The property’s parking lot is the first impression for potential tenants and their customers, so curb appeal is paramount. A clean, well-maintained parking lot indicates a professional outlook in all aspects of business and translates into a positive first impression.”


C & R Asphalt prides itself on using the highest quality products available for all customer projects. As a result, C & R Asphalt is a preferred contractor of Neyra Industries’ premium sealcoating products. With over four decades of experience and innovation in manufacturing pavement maintenance products, Neyra offers customers several types of sealers that are also approved by state and municipal agencies. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Neyra is a nationwide manufacturer of superior pavement maintenance products with plants operating in six states.

C & R Asphalt provide two of Neyra’s top products to our customers – Tarconite and Jennite.

Tarconite- is a concentrated, high solids, mineral colloid stabilized, refined coal tar emulsion. The performance and bonding of Tarconite to the pavement is greatly enhanced by a multi-component surfactant package.

Jennite- is a high-solids, mineral colloid stabilized, refined coal tar emulsion. Jennite has been the standard of excellence in asphalt pavement protection since 1938 and is the only sealcoating product that is available with a DUAL WARRANTY from both the factory and licensed contractor. To offer the dual warranty option, contractors must become Jennite Certified.


C & R Asphalt, LLC offers three different pricing levels with our proposals to meet every customer’s needs that varies based on the number of coats, mix ratios of sealer and type of sealers and sand content. When compared to other contractors, C & R works diligently to find the perfect fit of products and services that work best for our customers. Offering various pricing and package options differentiates us and allows our customers to have choices in the services they receive.

Contact us to learn more about our pricing options and how C & R Asphalt can best meet your project needs.


The sealcoating application process includes many steps to ensure that the sealer performs at the highest level. Not only does the quality of the product and equipment used determine success, but also the knowledge and experience of the contractor applying the sealer. C & R Asphalt is one of the most experienced sealcoating contractors in central Kentucky.

The most important step in the sealcoating process is preparation, and C & R Asphalt takes this step extremely serious. If a job is not prepared properly, the sealer will not perform to its full capability.

  1. 1. To ensure the pavement is clean, we first use wire brooms and a high-speed blower to clear the surface from any debris.
  2. 2. Second, we clean and fill cracks with Neyra branded crackfill to ensure that the sealer can bond with the surface and that no water is able to penetrate down beneath.
  3. 3. Third, we apply the premium Neyra sealer, either Tarconite or Jennite, by hand around concrete and brick surfaces or next to structures to minimize any over spray.

The sealer needs to dry approximately 24 hours before allowing any traffic. If desired, striping is applied after the sealcoat is cured enough to walk on. The entire lot is then dry and opened for traffic depending on weather conditions.

Wire brooms and high speed blower to clean.

Crackfill w/low pressure machine or gravity fed machine

Hand brush around edges/sides adjacent to concrete/brick/garage door, etc.

Spraying sealcoat by wand

Truck spray bar installation

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