Taking optimum care of your residential driveway is an important part of owning your home. C & R Asphalt can provide everything a homeowner needs to keep their asphalt driveway looking good and functioning properly as well as extending the life of the asphalt surface to save on costs.

C & R Asphalt utilizes four LeeBoy Pavers that have many automated and electronic features, such as heated and vibrating screeds and an electric-hydraulic control system that automatically controls the elevation of the mats on both sides simultaneously. The LeeBoy pavers enhance C & R Asphalt’s ability to complete work faster and with an increase level of quality and workmanship. Compared to other asphalt contractors, C & R Asphalt has the newest, most modern and technologically advanced fleet of pavers in the Central Kentucky.

C & R Asphalt understands that finding a trustworthy, efficient and competent asphalt contractor is extremely important to a homeowner. As a member of the Better Business Bureaus of Central and Eastern Kentucky, C & R Asphalt has paved over 800 driveways and is the leading private asphalt contractor in Central Kentucky.

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C & R Asphalt has employees who have been dedicated to the success of our company for more than 20 years.

Our passion is asphalt, whether paving a residential driveway or commercial parking lot, we are Kentucky’s Asphalt Animals.