When roads or parking lot renovation projects are underway, the existing surfaces are usually milled, removing the old asphalt surface before new material is paved. In the past old asphalt from roads, structures and driveways were milled and then disposed of in landfills. With more emphasis being placed on the safety of the environment and preservation, C & R Asphalt chose to enter the recycling business about 11 years ago.

After milling, the asphalt remnants (millings) are then transported back to C & R Asphalt’s recycling facilities to be crushed. Once the crushing cycle is complete, the asphalt is screened to remove any large pieces and is processed to meet asphalt milling standards of 5/8”.

Millings are ideal for long rural driveways and farms. When installedwith a paver and compacted, asphalt millings will crush up approximately ½” to 5/8” in the load bearing areas and after three to four hot summer months look like old asphalt. Millings also have about 80% less dust than rocked lanes and will have much less wash than rocked lanes.

Recycle Yard Offices with Scales

Overhead picture of recycling yard

Arrival of new crusher

Powerscreen for sizing


C & R Asphalt is the only facility that offers an enhanced screening process for full sizing of materials. We accept clean concrete with no attached dirt or debris.

For tipping fees and rock pricing, please contact C & R Asphalt. Quantity price breaks are available, and we deliver to your address.

C & R Asphalt, LLC offers recycled rock in the following sizes:

  • DGA – Concrete is crushed and screened to approximately ½” on average
  • 57’S – Concrete is crushed and screened to ¾” to 1 ¼”
  • #2 – Concrete is crushed and screened to approximately 2”

For information on dumping materials, hours and available products, please call Nancie at 859-223-3051. If no answer, call C & R Asphalt office at 859-255-0077.

Contact C & R Asphalt with any questions you may have concerning your asphalt recycling or pavement maintenance needs.

C & R Asphalt has employees who have been dedicated to the success of our company for more than 20 years.

Our passion is asphalt, whether paving a residential driveway or commercial parking lot, we are Kentucky’s Asphalt Animals.