Restriping a parking lot is a fairly inexpensive way to brighten up a shopping center or church parking lot.

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) confirms that the subjective idea of “curb appeal,” or how a property looks to the public, is in fact a very real phenomenon. Greg Houser, Vice President of Research & Development of Neyra Industries, says, “On a scale of 10, appearance ranks 8, and the parking lot is a big part of that perception. So one of the simplest things to improve a property and raise its “curb appeal” is to maintain the parking lot through a pavement maintenance plan that includes fresh striping and marketing.

A clean, well-maintained parking lot indicates a professional outlook in all aspects of business and translates into a positive first impression.

A property owner also wants to be able to park the most cars possible in their parking lot. C & R can help determine the most efficient layout for a particular parking lot and execute the striping needed to make it possible. In addition, effective traffic flow with arrows can enhance the visitor’s ability to navigate more quickly. For instance, depending on width of isles, stalls can be 90, 60 or 45 degrees. 90 degree allows for the most spaces and also allows for 2-way traffic.

Owners must meet the Federal with Disabilities ACT (ADA) guidelines, which means they must have the proper amount of handicap accessible parking stalls and van accessible stalls. There are quite a few things that property owners can do through pavement striping and marking to enhance the use of their parking lots.


Striping can be done approximately 2 hours after the sealer is dry to the touch. Marking White, Yellow and handicap Blue will be the color of paint used unless otherwise specified by the customer.

All lines will be approximately 4 inches wide. They will be straight and uniform. All stencils will be clear and well defined.

All lines will be sprayed with a Graco Airless Line Lazer 3500. This striper applies paint at the approximate rate of 300 lineal feet per gallon as opposed to an air striper, which applies paint at the rate of about 650 lineal feet per gallon. Paint drying time will vary from 60 minutes to 3 hours, depending on weather. In our opinion, there is no comparison to an airless striper when it comes to wear or appearance, so make sure you are familiar with your options before partnering with a contractor.

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